Ending on a Good Note (and Getting to Stay!)

Last week I wrapped up my internship with Casa Verde. I finished the university guide I had been working on and I took five of the Fenix students to Managua for a college visit. We had a great time visiting la Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua (UPOLI) and la Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN)! The students met with admissions officers, toured campus, and got to talk with students and faculty about the university. Check out the photos below.

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It’s hard to say goodbye. I feel like I’ve had to say a lot of goodbyes during my last six months in Nicaragua. Having the benefit of getting to know many different communities comes with the reality of having to say goodbye to many wonderful communities. I form my relationships slowly, and sometimes it would feel like I was just starting to connect with the community and it would be time to leave.

But this time I get to stay.

I was offered a position teaching English in the Limon library, Puertas del Saber. The library is a non-profit organization, separate from Casa Verde, where I was interning.

In my new job (yes, my first teaching job!) I will be teaching five English classes. Two for elementary school students, two for high school students and older, and one for adults who want to learn English they can use in their jobs. One of the main industries in Limon in tourism, which is why the final class is important.

Officially, the job started this past Monday. I’ve been planning like a madwoman, as there is no established curriculum to use. We currently have 4o students enrolled, and I think we’ll get a new wave of interest on Monday, since Friday was the last day to register. (That’s just kind of how it is in Nicaragua!) In general, people are really excited about the opportunity to learn English.

And I’m pleased as punch I get to stay in one community for more than a few months! I love walking around Limon and hearing kids call out from their yards, “Hi Miss Lindsay!” I’ll be taking a month to go home, see family and friends, and graduate—oh yeah graduation!! I’ll return in July and stay until December, which is when the Nicaraguan school year ends.

I feel like this is my big opportunity to put together everything I’ve been learning through my degree and do something really good. All my experience in the classroom—tutoring in the middle school, student teaching in the high school, and solo teaching in Managua—has prepared me to take on this monster challenge. Maybe I should be a little panicked, but I just feel really happy. I’m so eager to get in the classroom. It has been my dream for a long time to teach English in Central America.

Although my internship has ended, I’ll do my best to keep up with the blog. Tuesday is the first day of classes. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say about that!


3 thoughts on “Ending on a Good Note (and Getting to Stay!)”

  1. I LOVE this happy post and I know you are more than ‘up for this challenge’! So proud of all your accomplishments!

  2. Lindsay….we follow your blog with great interest. You write so beautifully from the heart. While we yearn to have you closer to us than Nicaragua we are so pleased that you are able to fulfill your ambitions to teach English to Spanish folks desiring to learn.
    Can’t wait to see at Graduation time.
    G and G
    PS Just signed up to receive emails of new posting…..so pls keep them coming.

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